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7-Piece Opulence Bed Set With 3 Decorator Pillows

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  • Decorator pillows make all the difference between a bare-looking bed and one that appears luxurious, inviting and elegant - so we've included 3 stylish pillows in this elegant 7-piece set
  • Choose from these classic patterns:
  • Bella - black flocked damask scroll design on ecru taffeta with an inset of red diamond-pleated taffeta
  • Dreama - beautiful faux silk in white with flocked black leaves with a black stripe
  • Duena - luxurious microsuede with embroidery accents in earthtone colors
  • Dessa - inviting jacquard stripe in natural and light blue colors
  • Myra - diamond-stitched faux silk with jacquard leaf scroll inset border
  • Pastora - rich faux silk with metallic printed and flocked leaves in brown, rust and cream colors, accented with a bold black border
  • 7-piece set includes
  • - comforter
  • - bed skirt with 14" drop
  • - two 21"x27" shams with Full and Queen; two 21"x37" shams with King
  • - 3 decorative pillows:
  • Bella, Dreama, Duena, Dessa and Myra have a 16" square pillow, 12"x16" decorative pillow and 6-1/2"x16" neck pillow
  • Pastora has two 16" square pillows and 6-1/2"x16" neck pillow
  • Quality-made set features soft fabrics, secure stitching, and lots of lofty fill in the generously sized comforter
  • Poly fabric and fill
  • Dry clean (spot clean pillows)
  • Import
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Material Polyester
Color Pastora

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