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R/C Mega Hauler Truck & Helicopter Combo Pack

Item #: 406765
List Price: $59.99

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APO/FPO Military Address

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  1. Enter the APO or FPO code into the City field.
  2. In the State field, select:

    AA (Armed Forces of the Americas)
    The Americas, excluding Canada
    (Zip codes beginning with 340)

    AE (Armed Forces Europe)
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    (Zip codes beginning with 090 through 998)

    AP (Armed Forces Pacific)
    (Zip codes beginning with 962 through 966)

  3. In the ZIP Code field, enter the appropriate ZIP code.


    • FPO AA 34091
    • APO AA 34030
    • FPO AE 09508
    • APO AE 09815
    • FPO AP 96522
    • APO AP 96207

  • Both the truck and chopper are controlled by a single transmitter
  • Mega Hauler features LED cabin lights, rubber tires and a helipad
  • Helicopter features 3.5-channel IR control, gyroscope, a coaxial rotor, LED lights, built-in rechargeable internal battery and two speed modes
  • Comes with a USB charging cord and spare blades
  • Remote control requires 6 AA batteries and truck takes 4 AA batteries, not included
  • Limited manufacturer warranty
  • Ages 8+

Brand Name World Tech
Color Red


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